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Michelle Robins

Michelle Robins is an American expat living in Central Europe and a member of the Prague Writer’s Group. When not telling stories, she can be found with her nose stuck in a book, building and designing websites, or trying to teach herself one of her many target languages. As a polyglot and former English language teacher, she often has the opportunity to use her knowledge of grammar for both good and evil.

She is represented by Emelie Burl at Susan Schulman Literary Agency. You can get in touch with her here.

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All the Elsewheres

The roots of all stories are true…at least somewhere.

Convention states that magic isn’t real, but folklore student Ruby is trying to prove otherwise. When she stumbles upon a semi-sentient, soul-stealing ghost train instead of a whimsical adventure, she must decide if magic is worth dealing with monsters to attain, or if she’d be better off giving it up entirely.

For fans of Spirited Away, The Starless Sea, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, Neverwhere, and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue.

WIP: Baked Goods for the Magically Inept

Bakery owner Nora is haunted, and she likes it that way. That is, until her ghostly grandmother and the florist next door uncover a band of amateur necromancers trying to use ghosts to pilot their hopeful undead.
Magical capitalism (is bad)! Magic is like the early Internet (new, complicated, changing too fast)! A ghost cat (meow)!

For fans of whimsical, cozy fantasy in a world very like our own, as well as works like Emily Wilde’s Encyclopaedia of Faeries and The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy.

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    Michelle Robins is a chronic storyteller at her best and worst. When not writing, she can be seen devouring books (not literally), digging into code (not literally), or working on one of her ten target languages (literally).

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